#4 Artisanale Homes

For his project This World: Mine and Yours (2007), Alexandre Sequeira invited two adolescents living in the suburbs of the Amazonian city of Pará to photograph their settings with a hand-made camera. He then superimposed their images. The remarkable results of this dialogue, subjected to a double mediation -one proposed by the artist and the second made possible by the photographic medium- often includes the adolescents’ domestic surroundings, which we have chosen to display in the kitchen.

In Transparencies of Home, we observe scenes from the intimate family life of the Brazilian photographer Ilana Bar. This is a universe marked by affection and by Down’s Syndrome, which affects three of the family members. In the words of the curator Eder Chiodetto, the work stands out for its ‘subtle approach, its light and the delicacy of the frames. It is a work that overflows with love’. Look in the cupboard where many of the images with mirrors -a subtext that also runs through the series- have been hidden.

The playful self-portraits that Nino Cais presents in The Travellers are shot in his mother’s home, inventively using her objects as unexpected props, from everyday items to souvenirs collected -we imagine- during her numerous trips.
As the Brazilian photography critic Cauê Alves highlights, his work points to the “impossibility of separating the body (…) from the memories and emotions in relation to the surrounding objects”. By representing himself surrounded by objects that appear “extensions of his body”, Cais achieves an original portrait
of his unseen mother.