#5 The House of Enquiry

Two stone canons preside over the entrance to the home of set-designer and artist Aradhana Seth. We have chosen to use the mother-of-pearl shell windows in the entrance porch to frame “Villa Argentina”, which is the name of the house that Aruna Canevascini shares with her Iranian-born artist mother in Switzerland. This is a collaborative project where Canevascini recreates her mother’s poetic universe filtering it through her own, using her as a model sometimes and at other times arranging domestic objets trouvés for the camera.

The living room – with its cathedral ceiling and filled with memorabilia for the film The Darjeeling Ltd– is the perfect setting for Rasel Chowdhury’s exploration of railway aesthetics, this time in Bangladesh. As a child, the only way to reach Rasel´s hometown was by train, a means of transportation he later substituted with the bus. “Railway Longings” narrates the rediscovery of a forgotten route and childhood memories, as the photographer stands testament to the formation of new landscapes.

Anything is possible when you offer a snake box and a sculptural spiral staircase as a bait for Kapil Das to put forward a show. Given Kapil’s background, we can be sure that it will have a certain degree of wickedness.

The studio contains a work-in-progress film archive, made up of “residues” of Seth’s film design work from floor plans, moodboards to props used on the shoot making transparent the process of designing a film from page to screen.

In addition there is the SET RESET exhibit, a workshop held with the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology born out of an interaction with the house and what is housed in it.