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GoaPhoto is an international photography festival that produces location-specific installations connecting photographic displays and their architectural context.

Its second edition will be held between the 23rd and the 26th November 2017 in the village of Saligao, some 20 km north of Panaji (Goa´s capital), which boasts many remarkable examples of heritage Goan architecture. Because many of these homes continue to be lived in and used as residences, the project will propose an innovative approach to working with “living heritage” that involves the participation of the residents. Six curators will be invited to intervene in each of the six homes we have identified, with the request to curate exhibitions in response to the location and through an exploration of the theme of “the domestic”. The private spaces that constitute our venues will retain their in situ furniture, accessories and decorations. Therefore, the photographic exhibitions will take place within the framework of their pre-existing domestic arrangements and alongside personal and family objects: it will be a case of two aesthetics engaging each other.

GoaPhoto will continue to be a platform for collateral exhibitions and activities including talks, workshops, pop-up photobook libraries and even gastronomic events which we hope will bring a significant critical mass during the festival’s opening weekend, and create a walking itinerary around this village which is rich in both charm and history.