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© Luisa Dörr


Lola Mac Dougall has worked as an editor for photography publications, as a festival director and as a curator. In 2011, she launched with Frank Kalero Punctum (Punctum#3-issuu), a magazine devoted to the promotion of Asian contemporary photography. She is the artistic director of JaipurPhoto (JaipurPhoto) an international photography festival that makes use of Jaipur’s extraordinary heritage as a venue for outdoor site-specific exhibitions. She has been a portfolio reviewer and jury for Encontros da Imagen (Braga, Portugal), Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography (Switzerland), Format Festival (Derby, UK) Reminders Photography Stronghold (Tokyo) and Cosmos PDF Award (Arles, France). Lola has a doctorate from Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra Univesity, with a doctoral thesis dealing with Indian women photographers.

© Luisa Dörr


Nikhil Padgaonkar is a documentary film maker and develops multimedia content for exhibitions. He has overseen the creation of large photography and graphic design exhibitions in Europe and in India, and has worked closely with the European commission to promote cultural ties and exchanges between Europe and South Asia. He is the proprietor of Orange Cat Productions, and producer of www.jaipurphoto.in

GoaPhoto was founded in 2015 by Ishan Tankha, Frank Kalero, Nikhil Padgaonkar and Lola Mac Dougall