GoaPhoto is an international photography festival that produces location-specific installations connecting photographic displays and their architectural contexts.

Its third edition will be held from 6 to 8 December in the village of Aldona (Nort Goa), which boasts many remarkable examples of Goan heritage architecture. Because many of these homes continue to be lived in and used as residences, the project will propose an innovative approach to working with “living heritage”.

It is irrelevant whether the visitor is confronted with an exquisitely refined craft (china from Macao, intricate pieces of furniture made out of African wood, hand painted Portuguese tiles) or a plastic trinket picked on a trip as, for us, in the words of the much-admired Teju Cole, these domestic objects “are reservoirs of specific personal experience, filled with the hours of some person’s life. They have been touched, or worn through use”.  Taking fine art photography out of the gallery is another instance of our penchant for all things middlebrow.

Bring your walking shoes, and we will take you on a photographic tour that seamlessly mixes local and global in the village of Aldona, which is rich in charm and history.